Oh,this article’s head line looks kind of ‘out of order’,isn’t it ? Yes and maybe No,for it is true. Do not be in a haste to judge this until you have read it, and I know definitely,it will get you better. We are renewing our minds.

Oxford dictionary’s definition of PROBLEM is- a difficulty that has to be dealt with before something wanted is achieved.

Let’s get straight into the scriptures….

Jesus was called to heal Lazarus of his sickness, but fortunately(winks),Jesus got there when the poor guy was already dead,very dead. Jesus assured martha that lazarus will live again (huh?).
Vs 25- Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection, and the life : He that believes in me though He were dead,yet He shall live.
Vs 26- and whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die, do you believe ?
And then martha said :…

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This should bring to your remembrance John14:6 wher Jesus, answering thomas’s question said “I am the way, the truth and the life…..” The article “the” used here means there is no other way, no other life, no other truth than Jesus.

Let us create a scenario whereby two guys are placed at the entrance of a certain street filled with hiddenm goodies, (note the word “hidden”) then the first guy decides that so far he’s already on the way, he cxan jst  sleep around without exploring the street to search for  the hidden goodies. but on the other hand, the other guy kept exploring th street, he walked deep into the street. Obviously, you know that the guy that explored the street s likely to discover more goodies, not only that, he’s also likely to know more about the way than the other guy that sat idle satisfied with the little he got.

Likewise in our lives even as christians, Jesus alread said He is the way. fine we’re in the way but I tell you- there’s always more and more things/mysteries td discover inside of Jesus. Never forget this- The written word was given to describe, qualify the Living word.

Ge t into the Word of God, live in it, remain in it, study it, meditate on it- because this is the only means to explore THE WAY.

Remember this, even if everything I’ve ben saying has been like gibberish in your eyes, plp and pls don’t forget this—- JESUS IS THE LIVING WORD. GOD HAS GIVEN US THE WRITTEN WORD TO UNVEIL THE LIVING WORD TO US. LET THE WORD BE THE LORD OF YOUR LIFE. LET THE WORD OF GOD HAVE DOMINION OVER YOU, BY SO DOING YOU’RE EXPLORING THE WAY(i.e JESUS).


Grace is a NAVIGATOR

It takes the gaze off you, and puts it on christ.

It takes the focus off what you can do, and takes your focus to what Christ has done.

It takes you away from the spotlight, and puts Christ in the spotlight.

Your weakness excites the Grace of God, when you’re most weary, Grace is most powerful.

It’s all about Grace, nothing about you. It’s all about Jesus, setting you free.

Grace is a NAVIGATOR…………….AYANFE


Hmmmm, as we all know that the bible made us to understand that the greater one lives in us, fine, that’s true- in fact so true.

In luke 5, do we remember the scenario that took place, i.e Jesus telling peter to cast his net into the deep and he found fish that even almost made the boat sink. I noticed in verse 11 that bible says “And when they had brought their boats to land, they left everything and followed him “(RSV). A truth was established here that Jesus is powerful and mighty- now that they have a large volume of fish.

But peter and co discovered something greater in the performer of the miracle which is Jesus. Peter did not let the miracle He performed distract him from beholding the greater one, the greatest truth of all times which is JESUS.

Likewise many of us, we tend to get attracted to the workings of the master and we stop only at that level, but note what peter did. He acknowledged the doings of the master but he was interested in the doer of the miracle than the miracle itself.

When we get attracted to the doer of the miracles which is Jesus(the Word of God), the miracles begin to manifest in our lifes on a frequent basis. Sincerely as christians, miracles should not be suprising to us. So pls let us give our attention to the Word of God, study it, meditate it, ruminate it and live your daily life based on it.


Jesus continually confessed who He was,  you have the same Holy Spirit that Jesus had. You have the same words that Jesus has.

God’s will for you has more joy than anything which is contrary to His will. God’s will is the best, His will has permanent joy, God’s will has gladness in it.

Jesus had no sin consciousness, you have no sense of sin. Jesus had no sense of unrighteousness, you have no sense of unrighteousness because you have been declared righteous with the righteousness of God by the very living word of God.

You have the ability to use His words, God’s words, God’s own name that has dominion and all authority and like Jesus, you achieve great result.

You begin to act like a son of God

You have all heaven back of you

You have the angelic forces to do your bidding.

God is your strength and your ability, all things are possible to you because you dare to act on the word of God.

The Spirit of the lord is upon you because He hath annoited you to preach the gospel to the poor, He hath sent you to heal; the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captive and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the lord.


In Him you have your redemption.
In Him you are a new creation and satan has no dominion over you.
Jesus alone is your lord.
You are a righteousness of God in Christ.
You have as much as a right in Jesus presence and as much a right in the Father’s presence as Jesus has in His presence.
You have a standing invitation to the throne room to come boldly and take your place as a son.
You do not act like a mere man.
You have fellowship with Him that you are a sharer in the burdens He has as He is a sharer of mine.
You are a member of the fruit bearing body of christ.
You should never allow yourself to forget what manner of man He made you.
It is God who is at work within you, willing and working His own good pleasure.
If you make mistakes, you have the intercession of Jesus.
You are an absolute master of satanic forces in tin name of Jesus.
But thanks be unto God, who always leadeth you in triumph in Christ.